Recruiting Process

Teacher Recruitment Process

If you need to send the resume, you should list your education towards the top of your new resume for a teacher right under your resume objective. If you have a few years of experience, let your professional background do the talking. Put your education after your experience section. You should always list your highest degree first.

We understand how crucial it is to get the right person for the job. To ensure that the candidates are the perfect fit for a job many different recruiters carry out the different checks on all of their potential teaching candidates:

Recruiters can carry out face to face interviews – Their initial interviews are conducted at their Head Office. They can use this session to gain an understanding of the candidates approach to behavior management, their knowledge of the USA national curriculum and which school work they can are more suited to.

Recruiters can require verification of the candidate’s right to work in the USA and Proof of Identity. One of their specialist recruitment consultants sight and take a copy of passports and visas (if applicable). They can follow the Prevention of Illegal Working protocol as set out by the USA Border and Immigration Agency.

Recruiters can verify all qualifications (if applicable) – They can view and take copies of all qualification documents. They can also check them to ensure that overseas qualifications meet the equivalent standards in the USA.

Proof of Address and National Insurance Number – The original documents are checked and copies taken for their records.

They can may require a minimum of 2 verified references – Teaching candidates are required to submit the two most recent relevant reference letters or contact details. All referees are contacted to ensure authenticity.

Overseas Police Check (if applicable) – If it is not possible to retrieve a police check then relevant department requires a Federal Check or a Letter of Good Conduct. Potential candidates must also provide at least their criminal history for the past years.

Health clearance and Fitness to work check-up- Recruiters might need to complete a Fitness to Work document to ensure that They can are capable.

Recruiters specialist consultants personally may view original documentation including qualifications if necessary. In the event that any documentation is missing full disclosure will be given to school in question.